About Me

Anoop Menon is an Internet Entrepreneur and the founder of Confianz brand http://www.confianzit.com. Confianz is a software solutions provider focused on Web, Mobility, Odoo and Internet of Things. Confianz has customers in 51+ countries and has physical offices in the United States and India.

I lived my early days of my life till college in India and then emigrated to the US as it is the land of opportunities.

I keep looking for new business ideas, love to read a lot of books and spend time with my family and friends.

Purpose of my Life

My life mission is to find a cure for cancer. I am not a doctor, but I am working on different methods to find a cure for cancer.

Process involves

1. A percentage of all my business earnings will go to leading Cancer research institutes.

2. Educate people on having non-GMO Diet, Eating Healthy and having a good life.

3. Research and provide voluntary work for this need.

4. Engage with the top of the line Doctors working for this effort.