Eradicating rape

A whopping 34,000 rape cases were reported in India, in the year 2015. In addition, there are also thousands of incidents every day that go unreported. There is fear of having the victim’s life ruined by the ensuing procedures that hardly have any guarantee of delivering justice.

Cases that make a sensational topic find a place in press and media, in newspapers and live news discussions where prominent members of the society and political parties spend hours pointing fingers at each other. The ruling party and police get blamed for not doing their job, while investigators are reported to be on-track with identifying the culprits. In a couple of weeks or so, the case gets shadowed by another sensational incident, and all the media and the people move their focus and vocal energies to the new issue. Other than the social media rantings and emotional outpours, there is usually no effective movements that help prevent this concerning issue.

Contrary to what most people’s worries are, such sexual abuse issues are not exclusive to girls. Parents are more relaxed with their boys, whereas the truth is that many boys are victims to abuse as kids and later develop psychiatric problems due to the trauma they helplessly went through.

As these have been on an ever increasing toll, a lot of responsible parents believe that the cure to this originates from each one of our homes, as we train the young ones to be the future citizens of our country. Good parenting processes should start at the toddler level. Today, it is important to build a loving and supportive rapport with your child that he/she will be comfortable talking to you about anything concerning his/her life. The better the communication, the lesser his/her chances of straying away or falling into the wrong hands.

Kids must be helped to understand a mistake in a logical manner that their little brains can accommodate. Physical torment is the least effective method any parent can use to bring a child to the right path. Parents need to spend quality time with their children to help them understand and appreciate what’s being taught to them.

It is also very important that parents do not make a wrong example of themselves by disrespecting each other by words or actions in front of the child. Children from broken and distressed families, fall prey to unwanted friendships easily that guide them to illegal and immoral activities.

So if you have a Son:

1) Teach him how to identify objectification of women and to not encourage himself or his friends in finding pleasure in it.

2)Teach him to reflect on his actions if you find him talking bad to a girl. How he would feel about it, had it been done by another guy to his mother or sister.

3) The friendship you build with your son is important as it will help him stay out of trouble and consult you without hesitations if he finds the approach of a friend or close relative as a threat.

4) The internet is a pandora’s box of both good and evil. When your child is browsing the internet, be it on his/her cellphone or tablet or computer, make sure they’re not baited by the blackmailers and douchebags who demand illegal favors from innocent kids.

5) Encourage your teen to pursue extracurricular activities such as arts, sports or even tech innovations and nourish their talents in the best way you can. In other words, spare them from a lot of extra time on hand and wasting it on activities such as porn. Children do not realize that such videos are staged. A video that depicts a lady enjoying herself being raped gives the wrong idea to the young person watching it. It can take years for wisdom to dawn on him, or chances are, it may never find him at all.

5) Educate your child about legal issues/jail terms and the plight of victims on everything from bullying to ragging to underage drinking, any usage/possession of drugs and sexual exploitation. As a parent, you cannot afford to let him/her be blissfully ignorant.

If you have a daughter

1) Teach your girls to speak out and not to shy away from realities. In India, many families expect their daughter to keep her mouth shut when elders are talking. Some Orthodox families do not even allow girls to come to the living room when there are guests.

2) Parents, most importantly the mother, needs to build a real friendship with the daughter to make sure; she is comfortable discussing anything that is affecting her at school or college or anywhere.

3) To her little intriguing questions, try to make your answers as close to reality as she can digest. When parents shy away from replying to genuine questions, children turn to their friends who fill them up with wrong information.

4) Teach your child the difference between the good touch and what can be considered as a bad touch. Let her know she has the right to her body and the privilege to report a bad behavior to her parents without being taunted for it in return.

5) Last but not the least, let them strengthen their bodies and pursue physical exercises – athletics, martial arts and what not! Girls who can defend themselves are the pride of a nation.

To summarize, along with a better law enforcement, creating a well informed new generation is the greatest contribution that we as citizens can do to help solve this problem. Educate yourself, your friends and neighbors and create a movement towards a better-civilised society.


6 comments on “Eradicating rape”
  1. Julxrp says:

    I think that the punishment for rape is all wrong. Sentencing a man to jail for sexual crimes is nowhere nearly as severe as the trauma that the victim has to endure.
    Also the number of repeat offenders are so many. So what can be done?

    I say.. Neuter them. Taking away their reproductive capability limits them from being repeat offenders. And if the punishment is this severe, it will stop people from committing the crime in the first place.

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  2. Thank you for this very well written, culturally appropriate blog. THIS is the need of the hour and the only available solution.

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  3. The adage, ‘the squeaky gate gets the oil’ is a good indication that there needs to be a Watchdog committee run by vigilant and persevering members that will, like a dog with a bone, keep tabs on the perpetrators, the victims, the police and the prosecutors and follow up on every single case. They will need a task force of medical (doctors & psychologists) and forensic science experts to provide all the necessary expertise and proof to support victims’ statements and to help the prosecution with their cases.
    Your points are good and hopefully, parents will protect all their children and not just the female child and will not only teach their children to speak up but to also learn to defend themselves. A great post!


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